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We all have daily stressors: work, home, relationships, and repetitive routines ...
Therefore, it is no wonder that many of us turn to alcoholic beverages to help ease daily

To help break the cycle of repeated, daily stress and constrained feelings,

prepare to be awakened by a new experience!

Double H

Behold a new temptation that until now, remained unknown

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Double H releases us from the often-overwhelming feelings of stress that compounds our daily lives

Double H is a new frontier of herbal liqueur

The biggest feature is the habu, which is said to live for more than 100 days when submerged under plain water. This speaks to the mysterious vitality.

During production, a living habu is treated with a special manufacturing method

It is soaked in 59% ABV made from sugar cane to extract its power.

In addition,13 types of fragrant herbs are added to awamori to carefully produce the extract and enticing aroma.

Double H is an herbal liqueur created by blending the flavors of fruit-based herbal

extract and habu extract in a unique blending ratio.

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#doubleh habu

Double H is already in the daily lives of many people.

It is taking hold among those in search for ways to revitalize energy in their daily lives.

For those who may be stressed out, the herbal liqueur made from13 carefully selected

 types of herbs will help release the tension.

There are many ways to taste and enjoy Double H.

You’ll soon have your own encounter with Double H, yet it is an experience that is still largely unknown. This is new, premium habu-shu!

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Enjoy the wild, Double H more deeply

Classic cocktails so far, and original cocktail recipes developed based on Double H

Enjoy the deep taste of Double H from standard recipes to DIY original recipes.

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# Highball

#Nikolaschka Shot

#Citrus Spark

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#Energy Break

#Lemon drive

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19 years of experience as a bartender, participated in classic and flare cocktail competitions, won the ORION WATTA competition, won the Awamori cocktail competition overall, etc.

Received 18 awards in 6 years.

Operates two mixology-style bars in Naha City.

Nakamura-san is in collaboration with Orion Brewery and various awamori distilleries in the prefecture. He is involved in many projects such as product development and cocktail recipe creation.

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2017 National Flair Bartending Tournament Runner-up

2018 Yokohama Cocktail Competition Silver Award 1st place

2018 World Championship Golden Cup Silver Award & Best Taste Award Winner

Winner of the 2020 ORION WATTA Cocktail Competition

DoubleH Cocktail Supervision

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Jujube, Lycium chinense, Longan

Orange peel, Fennel, Sichuan pepper,Clove, Java tea, Cinnamon

Siberian ginseng, Tumeric, Chinese ginseng, Chinese liquorice

Knowledge of the 13 powerful herbs listed above was passed on by our predecessors.

Double H is born by fusing herbal extract with habu extract.

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The earliest record of snake wine consumption is said to have existed during the

Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BC) in China.

At that time, snake wine was one of the important medicines, and in Traditional

Chinese Medicine, it was considered good for nourishment.

This culture can be found throughout Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries, as well as in China.

A medical book, which is said to have been compiled from 300 BC to 200 BC also has a

description of the medicinal properties of snakes.

Several books compiled during the Ming Dynasty summarize how to prepare snake wine.

It is said that it was treated like a medicine during the Ryukyu Dynasty due to trade as a Chinese tributary state.

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Double H is a special habu-shu that is manufactured from a fresh habu

(after phlebotomy, odor gland removal, and intestinal removal)

Only the bone and flesh are soaked in sugar cane-derived alcohol at 59%.

After detoxification, the habu extract is produced.


Used as a base for habu extract, the fresh sake has been stored and aged for about 10 years.

This enables a well-balanced taste.

13 types of herbs, which are said to be good for the human body, are placed into a soaking bag,

within a preparation tank.

Herb extract also contains fruit-based herbs and is characterized by its brandy-like depth and sweetness.

Additional aging after blending habu extract and herbal extract completes the process.

Double H is ready to be bottled, capped, and distributed for your enjoyment.

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